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Warm Leather Classics

As the weather cools down (and especially as the holidays approach) everything warm and traditional suddenly becomes even more appealing than usual. I crave all the classics and want only soft, cozy textures close to the skin. It’s time to retire my oversized steel watch (just for a bit), and pick up one of these gorgeous pieces.

1. Timex  /  2. ESQ  /  3. Armitron

4. Casio  /  5. Casio  /  6. Seiko

7. Sartego  /  8. Citizen  /  9. Seiko

Do you crave the classics in the fall and winter? Is it more “anything goes” any time of year?

Black Leather

Black leather is one of those things that I love, but can never pull off. I imagine looking edgy and end up looking like I’m playing dress up in a biker’s closet. Leave it to House of Harlow to create black leather jewelry that I’m pretty sure we can all pull off! I’m thinking flats, jeans, a simple tee, and one of these gorgeous pieces. A little bit of edge, and a whole lot of style, don’t you agree?

Black Leather Triangle Necklace / Leather and Gold Sunburst Earrings / Leather and Gold Sunburst Cocktail Ring / Black Hexagon Drop Earrings

Images via, edited by Hip Hip Gin Gin

Pretty Tough

This outfit is doing such a great job of combining tough and girly, I can’t help but be in love with it (even if I do run the risk of boring you to death with my Zara love)! I’m pretty sure that the only way I could ever pull off a leather skirt is if it had preppy little pleats like this one. Aside from shoes, do you ladies have leather pieces in your wardrobe? I have been eyeing several cute leather jackets lately, but of course the ones I really like are way above my price range.