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Saab Sparkle

I can safely say that I now have a permanent crush on Elie Saab. The Fall 2011 collection is so full of gorgeous sparkle my little magpie heart can hardly stand it! I am in love with every single piece, of course, ¬†but the champagne and black gowns above are absolutely the stuff that dreams are made of.¬†Wouldn’t every day be a thousand times better in a sparkly dress?

Images via, edited by Hip Hip Gin Gin

Oscar Countdown: Gorgeous Gowns

In my Oscar daydreams I would be preparing for Sunday by writing and re-writing my acceptance speech, practicing how to arrange my disappointed face into a more gracious expression just in case (don’t you hate how the camera immediately focuses on the person who didn’t win, so awful), and getting fitted into one of these four Elie Saab Spring 2011 gowns! No doubt driving my stylist insane with my inability to decide between them*. Which one would you choose? Or perhaps you have your eye on another fantastic gown? Do tell, the sky is the limit, after all we are only dreaming!

*actually perhaps it is better to host the awards instead of being nominated, that way you can change as many times as you come on and off stage and wear all the glorious gowns your heart desires!

Image by Hip Hip Gin Gin