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Bah Humbug Blemish

Have you ever noticed that when you have nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no one to see, your skin is flawless, yet the night before a party almost guarantees a giant blemish right in the center of your face? Yeah, me too. When this happens even the most carefree girl considers drowning her sorrows in a cocktail and immediately begins piling on the concealer. There is something else you can try. This little trick is a home approximation of a cortizone shot you would get at the dermatologist*, and will at the very least decrease the size and redness of your blemish overnight, and often eradicate it completely! Place a tiny (tiny!) dab of cortizone cream (I use Cortizone-10 1%) directly on the blemish, cover with a pretty little bandaid, and snooze away. In the morning just carry on with your usual routine and enjoy that fabulous party!

* While this doesn’t have the amazing results that a visit to the dermatologist will, it should still be used with great care. Only do this on large blemishes and only for special occasions! ¬†This is definitely not a treatment for every day, and never apply cortizone cream on large areas of your face or body, you run the risk of thinning and damaging your skin, not to mention getting a very long lecture from your dermatologist. Speaking of which, I am not a doctor, this is not to be used as medical advice, and you should always check with your own physician before trying a new beauty treatment of any kind.¬†