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Inkblot Inspired

You can take a girl out of the psychology class, but you’ll never take the psychology class out of the girl! I’m feeling a love of all things inkblot lately, I suppose the sight of them makes me nostalgic for my student days spent deciphering body language tapes, trying to decide which people in my life totally had the psychiatric disorder du jour, and telling Freud jokes (“…when you say one thing, but mean your mother!” ba-dum-dum)

And speaking of inkblots, the first time I was shown a fake blot (only actual patients and licensed shrinks ever see the real set, very top secret those) I was diagnosed with “watching too many Disney films“. Which I did not, but that blot absolutely looked like Fievel Mousekewitz!

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Better Together

A good red lipstick is always a mood lifter, don’t you agree? I’d love to hang this gorgeous print above the vanity table, a little reminder to indulge in crimson lips a bit more often, and of course a red pout begs to be paired with a seriously sexy, feminine scent.

Jason Brooks “Lipstick” Print  |  Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose Parfum

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