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Glamour Is A Bar Table

It’s obvious that I just need to move into one of Aerin Lauder’s homes since I fall madly  in love with all of them. (I can only imagine she would be one fantastic, not to mention stylish, housemate.) This room in particular makes me weak in the knees. A fireplace, a wall of leather bound books, and a table with a little sunken bar. Can you imagine a more perfect room for cozy cocktail parties, or long romantic evenings? Everything about it just screams old Holywood glamour. I honestly can’t stop thinking about how to make this happen in my own home.

Photos of Aerin Lauder’s Wainscott country home via Vogue Magazine

My Favorite Place

All it takes to make me crazy happy is a trip to the bookstore. If I find a coffee in hand while I browse endlessly  I’ll be approaching positive giddiness. But I warn you, I always have to be dragged out. Always. I mean really, unless you have a pressing appointment with Jane Austen herself when are you ever done at the bookstore? It’s just not possible.

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Let It Snow

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The weather man has promised me (promised me!) that it would snow today. Actual stick to the ground, accumulate a few inches, legitimate snow. But just in case it isn’t a done deal already (the past few times we saw flakes they disappeared almost as quickly as they fell), I’m channeling Kevin Costner’s attitude from Field of Dreams, if I “build it” snow will come. I’m getting all the snow gear out, making a cup of hot cocoa, and staring out the window like a little kid. There are some things in life you never outgrow, am I right?