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Sochi Snacks

Sochi Snacks

The Opening Ceremony is finally here! I’ll be honest I was almost too excited to sleep last night. I would like to thank these particular Winter Games for providing me with the perfect, completely rational, argument for copious amounts of vodka and caviar during the ceremony. (Or for the whole two weeks, I suppose we’ll see how the medal count turns out. I mean one has to celebrate with the team, am I right?) The only thing missing from the above list of necessities is a big box of tissues for when I inevitably have my we are the world – humanity is so beautiful –  look how well we all can get along – I’d like to give the world a hug moment.

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Gourmet Globes for the Golden Globes

Golden Globes Snacks 2

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn freaking out over wedding season? That’s pretty much me when it comes to awards shows. Except I don’t make elaborate plans to crash any of the ceremonies (though I do have elaborate daydreams of being invited to attend, hopefully by George Clooney),  I just get entirely too serious about finger foods and cocktails.  And as you can see I’ve decided that this year everything shall be round in honor of the Golden Globes. Just add wine or champagne to these three edible “globes” and you’ve got yourself a little party. Enjoy, and say a little prayer for all the poor winners who forget to thank their spouse.

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Morning Cocktail

Morning Cocktail

No, no, don’t be silly, I’m not suggesting you give up your cup of coffee or tea. The only reason I drag myself out of bed is for my standing appointment with Earl Grey. But some days, perhaps like a Monday, you need a little extra boost and this “cocktail” is it. Hydration, detox, energy, and a big dose of potassium, all delivered in a way that allows you to indulge your inner Auntie Mame by playing mixologist first thing in the morning. A glass of this Elderflower delight with a nice caffeine chaser or two and you’ll be right as rain. Especially if you indulged your inner Auntie Mame in a more literal sense a bit too much over the weekend. (We won’t tell.)

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