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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have great, fun, and relaxing plans for the weekend.  The Olympic Games are wrapping up this weekend so if you haven’t been watching this is your last chance to soak up some winter sport fun!

A few links to wrap up the week:

Stand up while you read this!

A sour loser to a pickle?

What do you think about edible front yards?

I’m a little obsessed with the Approval Matrix.

Reach out and touch someone.

Photo via Boston Globe

'Tis the season to take down that holiday wreath

Confession time everyone: I still have our holiday wreath hanging on the front door.  Sure, it is small and it doesn’t by any means scream Christmas in February, but still.  As it is almost March it is definitely time to replace it with a more Spring/Summer appropriate look. Even if the weather doesn’t seem to think so. I think one of these paper wreaths would be a nice addition to our black door, and would be really fun to make!

Top to bottom: Recycled Magazine Wreath (this wreath is sewn together, I think I will take the easy way out with a wreath form and a hot glue gun), Circle Punch Paper Wreath (the instructions are for a holiday wreath but since you can easily adjust the color palette it can be made for any season),  and Looped Paper Wreath (another holiday idea but again with the right paper anything goes!)

Inspired to play with paper but don’t need a wreath? Try your hand at a Junk Mail Starburst Clock.

Floor cushions

We could always use some extra seating options, especially in the kitchen where the only way to enjoy a cozy fire is to sit very un-cozily on the cold hard floor. I’m hoping to remedy that with some floor cushions, though lately they have become pretty hard to find, I was able to round-up three options that I really like.

Top to bottom: Manor 12, Anthropologie, Branch and Birdie.